LVL Lash Lift Treatment Nouveau

LVL Lash Lift Treatment Nouveau. Keratin LVL Lash Lift for lashes

LVL Lash lift treatments have been created by Nouveau Lashes to optimise the length and structure of your natural lash. Using a using a solution to straighten the natural lashes at the root combined with a formulated tinting process, you can achieve the look of longer, thicker lashes that lasts. LVL lash treatments also emphasise your eye shape, making them appear wider and more open. Olga ensures your lower lashes receive some attention too by offering a bottom lash tint to complete the treatment and to maximise the impact of your eyelashes.

LVL Lashes are high impact and low maintenance, helping you to save time getting ready and still look phenomenal. LVL means that your lashes will stay smudge free throughout a busy day, and they’re perfect for looking good on holiday and at the gym.

LVL Lashes aftercare

Yes, they’re natural and yes, they’re fuss free, but there are a few LVL lashes aftercare rules to follow for after your treatment to make sure your lifted lashes aren’t a flop:

No steamy saunas, or sunbeds for 48hrs

After having your treatment, your newly lengthened lashes can’t stand the heat so it’s best to avoid saunas and sunbeds for a little while. And, you have a good excuse for getting out of unloading the dishwasher or cooking a meal, as the dishwasher and oven are also culprits for lash destroying steam.

Don’t get them wet for 24hrs

Much like a Gremlin, your freshly LVL pampered eyelashes don’t like getting wet. Try to protect your eye area when washing, and don’t submerge your head in water in the shower or swimming pool for 48hrs afterwards.

Don’t touch!

We know how lovely they look, but hands off. Resist the urge to touch your eyes, and try to avoid rubbing them for 48 hours. And please, do not even contemplate using eyelash curlers so soon after a treatment either. You’ll only undo the good work of your beauty therapist/artist.

Be careful how you sleep

This can be a tough one to manage when you’re unconscious and snoring away. But, for belly and side sleepers, you’ll have to try and sleep on your back for at least two nights to avoid smushing your lashes into a new, and less desirable, shape.

Don’t used oil based makeup or removers

We don’t think you’ll be reaching for the mascara so soon after a treatment, but if you feel you need to, make sure you use water based eye make-up. Oil based mascaras and eyeliners do not mix well with an LVL lash lift treatment, and we’d hate for you not to get the best out of it. Don’t use water proof mascara as this will need an oil based remover to remove and the oils can affect the longevity of your new LVL lashes.

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